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Specialized Magazines For Apps


. . Why Is It Important To Read Specialized Magazines? There are masses of Apps from any kind of Topics and from anywhere around from the world, difficult to know WHAT choice to make, as well as there is also the problem with “Privacy” and “Cyber Security“. Therefore it is important to read the reviews […]

ONLY Internet-Safety And NO Basics Of Cyber-Security Education In Schools!?


. . ONLY Internet-Safety And NO Basics Of Cyber-Security Education In Schools!? Government and Education MUST be digital illiterates when NOT accepting that it is time for TEACHing the basics of Cyber-Security! By reading the reports of experts from the professional companies from Cyber-Security protection software, one MUST accept the facts that Cyber-Crime is evolving at a very rapid rate! Cyber-criminals […]

My Published Articles About Cyber-Security In The Press And Social Media


. . My Published Articles About Cyber-Security In The Press And Social Media Being online since 1998 I realized very quickly that “Every Medal Has Its Reverse” and ALSO what Physic laws tells us “Where is positive there is also negative and both make 100%” (differently explained). OR, in OTHER words, there is BAD and […]

Often Asked Questions: Are There Cyber-Security Dangers With Apps And What’s About Privacy?


. . WHAT Are Apps? [START Text from Wikipedia] A mobile app, short for mobile application, or just app, is application software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The term “app” is a shortening of the term “application software“. It has become very popular and in 2010 was listed as “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society.[2] In 2009, technology […]

Privacy In The Digital World-SHOULDN’T We Talk About It!?

The Future Of Advertising (Cartoon)

. Privacy In The Digital World-A MUST To Talk About It! . . Since Edward SNOWDEN‘s revelations nearly everybody knows about the word “Privacy“, even those WHO were NOT interested about it, as it was worldwide broadcasted! This person did reveal WHAT is really happening in the so called “Virtual-World” (the internet) and how much […]

THE missing link in Cyber-Security-THE user!

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . WHO is THE user who’s NOT in the interest of Cyber-Security programs BUT WHO is THE most important!? . THIS is a question which I have for more than 12 years in my memory and WHICH I didn’t have the courage to speak out loudly! BUT NOW I do, let’s go. I have […]

Cyber-Security is easy / Get THE right reflexes!

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . Cyber-Security is easy / Get THE right reflexes! Strange title isn’t it!? I am talking about reflexes, WHAT has THAT to do with Cyber-Security? A lot, actually even THE most when well applied! WE learned already in previous blogs WHY WE need protection ===> Learning the basics of Cyber-Security <=== and ALSO How To […]

Cyber-Security Blogs To Follow

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . WHY Should I Follow Security Blogs? . WHY SHOULD WE follow Security and Cyber-Security blogs as well, when using Twitter, following some great Cyber-Security experts!? Well, I will give YOU a question back: WHY should YOU read newspapers? It is as simple as that, WE need the information about WHAT is going on […]

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

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. .. . . . Did You Know: You and your kids could get easily tracked! . Check out the video below, please, to understand WHY it is important to remove the EXIF and GPS data of any device who is getting used to take photos! . . . Keep It Private Till Everything Is Checked In Depth . What YOU […]

PracTICE: Using Blogs For Home Work To Get ICT Skills and Creativity

Private publishing in WordPress

. . This is the second blog about “Blogging” and in the first one ===> PracTICE: Using Blogs for Critical Thinking and Proactive Thinking <=== WE were talking about WHAT would be the BEST way to introduce the students (learners) to blogging. NOW, lets go for a practical example where the teachers (educators) tell the students (learners) to […]

ICT Awareness: What YOU SHOULD KNOW!


. . . . ICT Awareness: What YOU SHOULD KNOW! . Since 1998 already I am giving FREE courses about IT-Security and Cyber-Security (since 2002 pedagogical ones…) as well as I blog a lot about it and it’s a NEVER ENDING story as the Virtual-World (Internet) is becoming more and more tricky and starting to […]

Is My Professional Development Up-To-Date?

A Curator Is An Expert Learner-L2L

. Rise Of The Professional Educator . Rise of the professional Educator . Is your Professional Development Up-To-Date? I think that “Is MY Professional Development Up-To-Date?” is the first question which you need to ask yourselves! You can ONLY give BEST and QUALITY courses when knowing about the latest knowledge in a 21st Century Education. But […]