Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!?

25 Aug
Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!?


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Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!?


WHY do I mention the word adventure!? Strange, isn’t it? Well LEARNing is an adventure actually as on every day one meets NEW people on Social-Media, especially on twitter, and those people, with different degree of Professional Development, with different degrees, give us to think about WHAT is happening actually on <===> Modern EDUcation <===>, well EDUcation MOSTLY is far behind about WHAT it SHOULD be, BUT there is some hope 😉

THE BIGGEST gap is to switch over from ONLY Theory to MORE PracTICE while using ICT in the courses, as ICT is based on Practice, see my blog posts below please:

THE BIGGEST barrier is STILL that EDUcators TEACHers are STILL feeling being in SUPERIOR positions <===> Hierarchy <===> and NOT on a Win-Win situation with THE students, learners, as it SHOULD be in a Modern-EDUcation!! THEY are NOT anymore THE ONES who have all the knowledge as centuries before because NOW people can ask GOOGLE and the internet to find (nearly) any content they wish!!

ALSO, through curation one follows the NEW TRENDS in LEARNing through Social-Media and one learns a LOT about it, especially when one is multilingual e.g. English, French, German from WHERE come THE BEST posts on Social Media, well Germany NOT so much YET ([Digitalisierung] far behind); the German posts I prefer are coming from Luxembourg…

There are a LOT of NEW (and probably MORE to come…) possibilities with ICT which NO ONE could actually see WHERE ALL THIS is driving to, BUT one MUST consider to follow in an EVER CHANGING world with NEW Technologies and Entrepreneurship…

WE will discuss that ALSO in my new blog post where I describe WHAT’S NEW because of ICT, stay tuned 😉 Meanwhile check please my blog posts below.

Learn more:


Social Media is the driver and amplifier for NEW adventures in LEARNing

programmerman-animatedIn 21st Century Social Media plays a BIG role in Modern-EDUcation and Modern-LEARNing as everybody can learn from anyone! There are NO limits, knowledge is available on a daily and 24h/24h basis.

Once having an account on twitter, the world of NEW adventures of LEARNing will GET OPEN! YOU will get new followers from around the globe with different interests and UP to YOU as well to make some new connections!


IF YOU are smart, you manage well your twitter account description as well to change the “egg” with your real photo, e.g. please check my twitter account information below.


.Twitter-Profile-Gust MEES-2017

.SO, now when someone visits YOUR profile on twitter they know about WHAT you are interested and posting mostly. WHEN someone follows YOU, check ALSO his/her profile to know if it is worth to follow them back, don’t follow anybody!!

YOU will GET ALSO some “Likes” from persons, same procedure, check THEIR account information; see IF it is worth to follow them! THAT’S the way to find relevant information to learn from each other; THE adventure of LEARNing through Social-Media.

For more information about to work BEST with twitter, please read my blog post below:




WHAT is a PLN and PKM?

Chat iconAfter a certain time being on twitter, YOU will have had build up a tribe who is following YOU and WHICH YOU follow as well; such connections are called a <===> #PLN, a “Personal [Professional] LEARNing Network” <===> with WHOM YOU exchange information, knowledge and some talking (blablabla…) as well 😉

Through this “PLN“, YOU will GET a lot of NEW stuff for LEARNing and through <===> Curation <===> of that information and articles, YOU can build up YOUR <===> #PKM, “Personal [Professional] Knowledge Management”!

Please read my blog posts below, who explains in detail:



GUST-AVRIL2014-800px-2L’auteur Gust MEES est Formateur andragogique / pédagogique TIC, membre du “Comité Conseil” de “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), appelé maintenant BEESECURE, partenaire officiel (consultant) du Ministère de l’éducation au Luxembourg du projet  ”MySecureIT“, partenaire officiel du Ministère du Commerce au Luxembourg du projet ”CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure). L’auteur était aussi gagnant d’un concours en électronique en 1979 ( Pays germaniques ) et voyait son projet publié dans le magazine électronique “ELO”.

The author Gust MEES is ICT Course Instructor, ”Member of the Advisory Board” from “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), BEESECURE, Official Partner (Consultant) from the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, project “MySecureIT“, Official Partner from the Ministry of Commerce in Luxembourg, project “CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).

The author was also a winner of an electronics contest (Germanic countries) in 1979 and got his project published in the “Electronics Magazine ELO”).




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Stay tuned for next blog post(s) 😉






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