Specialized Magazines For Apps

15 Sep
Specialized Magazines For Apps


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Why Is It Important To Read Specialized Magazines?

book-question-markThere are masses of Apps from any kind of Topics and from anywhere around from the world, difficult to know WHAT choice to make, as well as there is also the problem with “Privacy” and “Cyber Security“. Therefore it is important to read the reviews from experts on the field. And there are ALSO people who prefer reading a magazine, than reading online and/or from an eBook. For Apps creators it is important to make Apps known to the public, so it might be good to give the public an overview of YOUR precious work 😉 These specialized magazines have ALSO an online presence…


Specialized Magazines For Apps in Europe

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of magazines from different countries:



United Kingdom






Click the above image to access the service


Magazines For Developpers

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of magazines:


Food For Thoughts… Critical Thinking

Chat icon.

As WE discussed already about “Privacy” and “Cyber Securityrisks, so here again, for newcomers and/or as a reminder some articles worth to read:



There are tons of different Apps around and the average user has installed at least hundred (100) Apps on its device(s)!? Aren’t users dependent (addicted) already on Apps and on using THEIR Smartphones!? Was “Albert EINSTEIN” right!? Do WE really need ALL those installed Apps? Can WE still live without the internet and the Apps!? Imagine ONLY one day without YOUR Smartphone, how would YOU feel!?



Image found on Twitter and edited to hide visages…



Stay tuned for next blog post(s) 😉




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