Coaching instead of Teaching in Modern EDUcation



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Coaching in Modern EDUcation, the benefits

Framing in EDUcation.

Learners, students learn BETTER when their brain is free, without any framing, thus meaning: include them into the learning process by guiding them through the <===> LEARNing Process <===> instead of teaching ONLY linear lessons WHERE YOU are the BOSS, give up control and look for a Win-Win situation WHERE students, learners have a voice; WHERE THEY can take THEIR OWN responsibility of THEIR LEARNing. Coach THEM (the students, learners) THE How-To of <===> #LEARNing2LEARN <===> because THAT IS <===> #ModernEDU <===> which they need to be prepared for <===> #LifeLongLEARNing <===> by using Social Media, especially Twitter to build THEIR <===> #PLN Personal [Professional] LEARNing Network <===> through Curation combined with Social Media. And through THAT LEARNing-Path THEY will be able to create THEIR OWN #PKM <===> Personal [Professional] Knoledge Management.


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students-workforceAND there are also the “Apps“, BUT don’t forget that THEY are ONLY facilitators, they are NOT the change in 21st Century EDUcation; THE change is applying the pedagogy and the 21st Century techniques together. In 21st Century EDUcation it is NOT anymore about the teaching, BUT about the LEARNing and the ===> LEARNing-To-LEARN <=== to give OUR LEARNers,students the necessary knowledge and skills for a ===> Life-Long-LEARNing <=== Once out of school THEY will need constantly to learn to adapt to a very quick changing world!

I suggest to make ===> Coaching <=== with YOUR LEARNers, students where YOU walk through the rows in the classroom by observing THEM and to interact with them ONLY when they need it, learn together with them and create a ===> win-win situation <===, NO hierarchy, BUT a trustful partnership with them. I have done this since 2002 and it works perfect, best results! Find out more below:

In the above mentioned links YOU will see how WE learned together in OUR ===> Global Collaboration Blog <=== by ===> Coaching <=== through using the “DM” (Direct Messages) from Twitter, YES WE used Twitter, it works perfect😉 The same as WE used OUR blogs to communicate and to show OUR LEARNing to others, so that THEY could learn also from us.

Check ALSO the image below and read the “HORIZON REPORT: “2014 Higher EDUcation Edition“:


Innovative pedagogical practices

Click the above image, please, to access the “Key Trends Accelerating Higher Education Technology Adoption” in pdf.

YOU certainly will get a NEW view about modern EDUcation😉





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The difference between coaching and mentoring


Click the above image please to access the article.

Please read the following article below who explains in detail:

[START text from “What Makes Coaching and Mentoring Different?“]


Mentoring is much more hands on and interpersonal.  As a leader or supervisor you are working hands on with a team member to facilitate the learning process.  Mentoring is sharing experiences, skills, and knowledge. It often takes place with an individual who is learning something that they have no previous knowledge about and it is something that they will need to master or at least be proficient in. Or it maybe learning how to navigate through an organization or explore new career paths.


On the other hand, coaching generally does not focus on hard skill such as accounting, project management, or programming to name a few.  Coaching is a process that helps one to explore what may be holding them back from their true potential and often is focused more on behaviors than skills.

Think of a baseball coach, someone who is with the team and letting them do the work, however he/she will review the team and try to better their abilities across the field.  However imagine the same coach working with his pitcher and trying to teach him how to properly throw a curve ball.  The first scenario is simply coaching the team to raise productivity, and the second is mentoring an individual who is trying to learn a new skill or ability that he/she might not be able to properly learn on his or her own.

[END text from “What Makes Coaching and Mentoring Different?“]

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LEARNing Path For Professional 21st Century LEARNing By ICT PracTICE Concept



Over the years I developed and designed a possibility on the How-To use ICT for LEARNing and TEACHing which will prepare the LEARNers, students to fulfill the needs of the working market. It is mostly build up by coaching and NOT TEACHing as a <===> Win-Win situation is in mind and ALSO Collaboration <===> which are key factors in a modern society.




Let us first have a look on the How-To design a course which gives the learners, students some engagement as THEY could reproduce it themselves after YOU showed them the How-To and will bring in some creativity as well 😉


What's this coaching thing about


WE will use THAT system as shown on left-hand side shown image, isn’t it 😉 WE will give OUR learners, students autonomy and coaching them to become <===> Life-Long LEARNers <===> by <===> LEARNing To LEARN <===> through collaboration, by using blogging, curation, Social Media and by putting them into the drivers seat. THEY will learn to take responsibility to survive in a bi-directional world (Real World and Virtual World are interacting…) and WE will coaching THEM as well to be responsible <===> Digital CitiZEN <===> by LEARNing about the basics of <===> Cyber Security <===> as well and ALSO about <===> eSkills <===> as it is THEIR world with ALL the problems present which THEY have to fight for and in it!


.Learn more:


Sounds like a lot, isn’t it!? It’s actually NOT that difficult when well organized and designed, please check below (it takes some time…):

Here is a road map for visual understanding 😉


Skills by Learning-By-Doing

Click the above image please to access the article.


My Personal View AND PracTICE



Learning from others

Please check @yeates_mark on twitter. Click the image to access account!

MY experience described in ONLY some phrases: Give the LEARNers, students (whatever age) the freedom of LEARNing without squeezing THEM into a FRAME and concentrate on guiding them as a coach by analyzing THEIR behavior and show them the How-To to become self-directed learners, autodidacts. SHOW THEM ALSO up from the beginning WHAT THE <===> LEARNing Path <===> will be with design of it and explain THEM that they could design themselves it with a short introduction on the How-To.


THEY will learn the ICT-PracTICE which will help them once out of the <===> #SchoolCocoon <===> to be ready for Life-Long LEARNing and to be able to adapt very quickly in the workforce! WHEN YOU show the LEARNers, students <===> WHAT the profit is for THEIR private life <===> YOU will engage them very quickly 😉 AND DON’T teach THEM more as necessary, propose them some links to go further ONLY for those who want!!



Check ALSO:


WHAT’S my message and WHY did I create this blog post!?

Well, I will encourage all youth and also adults, seniors, oldies to become <===>Life-Long LEARNers <===> and staying Up-To-Date with their knowledge, especially concerning their skills in ICT, called NOW <===> #eSkills <===>! In the modern world YOU will change YOUR job probably +/- 12 times in YOUR working career, it is very rare to stay life-long in the same job and/or same company!!! SO… The workforce is looking for people with ICT skills which YOU mostly didn’t learn at school, right!? 

YOU won’t have (mostly) the time to learn by visiting courses, right!? START to become Life-Long LEARNers by LEARNing on YOUR OWN pace, by becoming <===> Autodidacts <===> Self-Directed LEARNers. YOU are able to, I did it, so can YOU!? 😉

I found a job because of my ICT eSkills and I am STILL LEARNing on a daily base routine for being Up-To Date with my <===> Professional Development <===>, even being retired NOW! THE pleasure of LEARNing!

I did THE <===> ICT PracTICE <===> and THAT’S WHAT the workforce needs!!!

 Due to my eSkills I could share my knowledge AND expertise ALSO with the below mentioned as well as to a broad range of visitors from around the globe! 

Check out my blog posts:

AND check my profile below as well, at the bottom of this blog post please! 😉



Keywords necessary for me to create this blog post: coaching, Win-Win, respect by competence, competency, Teaching was yesterday, learning to learn, learning concept, ICT, Social Media, collaboration, Global Collaboration, students voice, put students in the drivers seat, responsibility, naivety, SchoolCocoon, quality, design the courses, challenging the learners,



GUST-AVRIL2014-800px-2L’auteur Gust MEES est Formateur andragogique / pédagogique TIC, membre du “Comité Conseil” de “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), appelé maintenant BEESECURE, partenaire officiel (consultant) du Ministère de l’éducation au Luxembourg du projet  ”MySecureIT“, partenaire officiel du Ministère du Commerce au Luxembourg du projet ”CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).

The author Gust MEES is ICT Course Instructor, ”Member of the Advisory Board” from “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), BEESECURE, Official Partner (Consultant) from the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, project “MySecureIT“, Official Partner from the Ministry of Commerce in Luxembourg, project “CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).


Stay tuned for next blog post(s) 😉





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