LEARNing To LEARN with ICT-How-TO? My PracTICE

01 Nov
LEARNing To LEARN with ICT-How-TO? My PracTICE





LEARNing To LEARN with ICT-How-TO? My PracTICE

As MOST of YOU know, I am an autodidact, a self-directed learner. I learn BETTER by doing it on my own, by searching my own articles, relevant to the topic which needs to get learned. Pursuing ALSO my learning by choosing the books which I decide to buy for my Professional Development! This time YOU will see a lot of “I’s” in my blog post here, different from usual, where I mostly use the WE. WHY!? Because it’s ME who is owning MY learning and I decide WHAT is BEST for me, that is working perfectly, I learn MUCH quicker! 😉

Another reason WHY I learn on my own is the BAD quality of courses around where adults are getting treated as pupils (Pedagogy) and NOT as mature persons (Andragogy)!! Aged 62 years (2017), I DON’T want to get treated as a 12 years old in courses, I won’t feel comfortable at all!! It’s about time that EDUcators, TEACHers, Instructors get training about ANDRAGOGY!

WHAT is Andragogy?

Text from Wikipedia: Andragogy refers to methods and principles used in adult education.[1][2] The word comes from the Greek ἀνδρ- andr-, meaning “man”, and ἀγωγός agogos, meaning “leader of”; it literally means “leader of man”, whereas “pedagogy” literally means “leading children”.[3]


Check out also my PracTICE, the How-To I gave courses for adults and seniors on Andragogy concept below, please:

You might be interested as well to find out about:


FIRST of all, DON’T fear about learning new stuff, even if it feels strange and NOT understandable up from the beginning! There might be strange words in the learning texts which YOU don’t know YET; but by reading different texts you will understand these words and later understanding ALSO the whole! I learnt that way, it takes time on the beginning, BUT later you will learn very quickly! It’s like an exponential curve

Learn more:


Synthesizing Mind-5 Minds for the future


MUST follow names in EDUcation and also from successful people:

  • Howard GARDNER
  • Sir Ken ROBINSON
  • Jack MA
  • Daniel GOLEMAN
  • John HATTIE


Owning the LEARNing

Personally I am convinced and PracTICE with students, learners showed me ALSO, that when owning its learning boosts learning and even accelerates it!! The learners are more motivated to learn as they are engaged in the learning process! I did THIS MOSTLY through Curation! Learn more below please:




L’auteur Gust MEES est Formateur andragogique / pédagogique TIC, membre du “Comité Conseil” de “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), appelé maintenant BEESECURE, partenaire officiel (consultant) du Ministère de l’éducation au Luxembourg du projet  ”MySecureIT“, partenaire officiel du Ministère du Commerce au Luxembourg du projet ”CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure)..

The author Gust MEES is ICT Course Instructor, ”Member of the Advisory Board” from “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), BEESECURE, Official Partner (Consultant) from the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, project “MySecureIT“, Official Partner from the Ministry of Commerce in Luxembourg, project “CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).




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