SID2020: Safer Internet Day 2020-Participation

06 Jan
SID2020: Safer Internet Day 2020-Participation


Safer Internet Day 2020 – Save the date!.

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

Safer Internet Day 2020 will be celebrated on Tuesday 11 February 2020, with the strapline of ===> “Together for a better internet” <=== following the success of last year’s campaign.



Learning IT-Security

My participation for the SID2020

programmerman-animatedWHAT is special this year with my participation on SID2020? 

I created a ===> #GlobalCollaboration blog in 2017 <=== from  (my pseudo on twitter) & @ICTPHMS  for  about . The authors are from Luxembourg/Europe (me), one female teacher from the USA and a male teacher from the USA WHO are using my blog post to learn together and sharing THEIR practice with YOU dear readers.

Well, there is a lot of different views about ===> Digital CitiZENship <=== WE will explore WHAT could be THE BEST way to teach and to learn about Digital CitiZENship (hashtag on Twitter is #digcit).

Here below the links of OUR blog post:

How does it come that I post Global-Collaboration blog posts? Well, once the #ProfessionalDevelopment is Upto-Date, one does understand THAT learning in a team brings out a win-win situation and that a generation exchange is benefit for all of the participants as anyone learns from each other. BTW: here below other Global-Collaboration blogs with teaching persons from AustraliaUSAFranceLuxembourg (me):


My publications in the local press (Luxembourg/Europe) and interviews:


This year I participate ALSO with blogs in three languages, in English, German and French.


I participate on #SID2020 in Luxembourg/Europe:

Contributions de Gust MEES:   Publications sur le Blog de Gust MEES (in English) avec 202K (202.000) views
Digital Citizenship Global Education Collaboration Blog (in English),
Publications sur le Blog von Gust MEES (auf Deutsch),
Twitter Hashtag ===> #FSCD (Friday Security Check Day)
ALL the participation from BEESECURE for the SID2020 in Luxembourg:


Why should ===> anyone <=== participate?


Cyber-security – a shared responsibility

========> Cyber-security – a shared responsibility <=======


Cyber-Security is a shared responsibilityWE are ALL responsible for a more secure Internet and it is ===> OUR responsibility to build up the future for OUR kids, learners and students! <=== 

WE can do it by learning and teaching the basics of Cyber-Security and ALSO by helping international organizations such as “Safer Internet Day” to become a catalyst for such a difficult task!!!


======> WE are living in a world of connected technology, Cyber-Security is a MUST!!! <======



That is why I am participating on SID2020 with my FREE courses here:

My English contributions:

Advice for Smart-Home:


My German contributions:


My French contributions:


and also with my curation here:


Motivation To Work Together, Give It A Try

thumbs upMOTIVATION: Knowing NOW how important it is to take part of such a great Event, I encourage YOU ALL to take part of it by any possible action, even as a private person! I encourage especially private persons to display the banner from SID2020 on their blogs and/or websites :)

Where can I get the banners?


People who are on Twitter may use the hashtag #SID2020 to promote that Event, thanks for Helping to make the Internet a more secure place!


L’auteur Gust MEES est Formateur andragogique / pédagogique TIC, membre du “Comité Conseil” de “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), appelé maintenant BEESECURE, partenaire officiel (consultant) du Ministère de l’éducation au Luxembourg du projet  ”MySecureIT“, partenaire officiel du Ministère du Commerce au Luxembourg du projet ”CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).

The author Gust MEES is ICT Course Instructor, ”Member of the Advisory Board” from “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), BEESECURE, Official Partner (Consultant) from the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, project “MySecureIT“, Official Partner from the Ministry of Commerce in Luxembourg, project “CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).

Stay tuned for next blog post(s) 😉







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  1. IBtutors

    June 27, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    its amazing article . i am impressed with content of article.

  2. Ibbio

    June 27, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Cyber-Security is a shared responsibility, WE are ALL responsible for a more secure Internet and it is ===> OUR responsibility to build up the future for OUR kids, learners and students! its responsibility of our generations to make sure cyber security does not harm our generations.


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