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    Click link above about what Google-Knol authors should know before they make the migration to WordPress-Annotum. Thus meaning: knowing first the waters in which they jump and me also ;) I was one of the Knol-TOP10-English authors and also Author-of-the-Week in November 2009 with more than 1,4 millions of visites. Unfortunately Google Knol discontinued its services on May 2012 :( So, now I am present on WordPress...
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    Click link above for an other blog in English about IT-Security. This blog (one of lots on WordPress) will get used to publish my posts about Education and IT-Security, most in English, but also some in French, as well as some Hobby publications... It is focused on "Learning and Teaching in 21st Century".

21st Century EDUcation is LEARNing To LEARN for Life-Long LEARNing AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!


. . 21st Century EDUcation is LEARNing To LEARN for Life-Long LEARNing In a world where WE have to deal with “RealWorld” AND “VirtualWorld” (internet) and where both are influencing each other on an incredible, nearly impossible way of following, MOST people, especially in EDUcation get stuck!  THEY don’t know anymore WHAT’S going on, what […]

LEARNing Path For Professional 21st Century LEARNing By ICT PracTICE Concept


. . In 21st Century LEARNers Know THEIR LEARNing Path WHAT is “Professional LEARNing”!? Well, it is DIFFERENT from normal (?) LEARNing  as it provides the Students, LEARNers THE “LEARNing Path” and shows THEM THE skills THEY will acquire by a <===> design <===> up from the beginning! This will prepare THEM for <===> Life-Long […]

THE Benefits Of An Advisory Board And Meetings | How To | DO’S AND DON’TS

EINSTEIN quotes-problems

.   DO’S: WHAT Is An Advisory Board GOOD For Anyway!? . . Well, the name itself explains it, isn’t it!? It is a board with people WHO were chosen to give advice and THEIR experience, their professional knowledge to persons which degrees and diplomas might even be higher, BUT WHO don’t have these competencies […]

WHAT Are THE Skills Needed From Students In The Future!?


. . WHAT Are THE Skills Needed From Students In The Future!? OR, WHAT Are THE Jobs Look Like In The Future!? That are actually questions which I get asked very often from people and where I could ask ONLY the first one! WHAT Are THE Skills Needed From Students In The Future!? Well, there is […]

Andragogy | Adult Teaching: How-To Teach ICT!? | PracTICE

Collaboration and Coaching

. . Andragogy, Adult Teaching!? WHAT Is Different From Normal Student Teaching!? It is a question which I get asked very often “Andragogy, Adult Teaching!? WHAT Is Different From Normal Student Teaching!?“. Well, first remember that adults and seniors are OUT of the <===> #SchoolCocoon <===> since long or very long, THEY are NOT used […]

DO’S And DONT’S | Adapting To 21st Century EDUcation

Information Literacy

. . THE Reality . I hear most screaming ALREADY, WE are ONLY on EDUcation 1.0, or EDUcation 2.0 and starting to LEARN; EDUcation 3.0 is foreseen in the next years!!! Give us the time to LEARN!!! Well, WE are ALREADY on EDUcation 4.0, did YOU know THAT!? SO… it might be GOOD to START […]

LEARNing To LEARN For MY Professional Development | I Did It MY Way

Autodidacts-Leonardo Da Vinci

.   . I Am An Autodidact, A Self-Directed LEARNer, How Can I LEARN Best For MY Professional Development? . A neglected part in EDUcation is certainly THE ===> #Autodidact #SelfDirected #LEARNer <===! This was since centuries the case AND STILL is the case, a pity as NEW research shows THAT individual learning and teaching […]

LEARNing To LEARN | Preparation For BETTER Learning | How To?


. . LEARNing To LEARN-Where To Start!? In previous posts WE were discussing about the design of LEARNing for ===> DigitalCitizenShip <===, the different possibilities. Now WE will see about the How-To on where to start, my advice by PracTICE. Let us remember what was taught on previous posts. . . Let us ALSO remember […]

Own YOUR LEARNing: Challenging LEARNers To Do Unconsciously Homework

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

.   . LEARNing To LEARN | THE How-To | Use Psychology Ever thought about how to get YOUR learners (students) involved on learning without to force THEM to do so!? WHAT about to try the “Play the curios card“!? Sounds strange to YOU? Let me explain, please: Well, it is boring for MOST learners […]

PracTICE: Learning To Learn-Digital CitizenShip

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

. . . . Authentic PracTICE Through Global Collaboration [GM] The authors of this blog post “@ICTPHMS (Dan KIRSCH‘s Blog)” and “@knolinfos (Gust MEES‘s Blog)” have met each other on Social Media “Twitter” and decided one day to work together on a common blog about “Digital CitizenShip“, a “Global Collaboration” from authors of the USA […]

SID2015: Safer Internet Day 2015-Participation


. Image credit: http://www.ogilviedesign.co.uk/www.ogilviedesign.co.uk/Welcome.html . Safer Internet Day 2015 – Save the date! .   . . Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world. Safer Internet Day 2015 […]

Digital CitizenShip: Social Media AND Privacy

Bitdefender Clueful

.   . . . Digital CitizenShip: Social Media AND Privacy I wrote already about “Privacy” on my blog posts Privacy In The Digital World-SHOULDN’T We Talk About It!?, Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks and Often Asked Questions: Are There Cyber-Security Dangers With Apps And What’s About Privacy?, BUT I didn’t get enough into it to show YOU the How-To get protected […]

WHY CyberSecurity STARTS At Home AND Is Concerning ALL Of Us

We are ALL responsible for the internet

.   Image credit: http://www.ogilviedesign.co.uk/www.ogilviedesign.co.uk/Welcome.html . . WHY CyberSecurity STARTS At Home AND Is Concerning ALL Of Us WE can’t say any more that CyberSecurity is ONLY for IT-Experts as the internet is a shared ecosphere where every body has responsibility! Actions of some people can easily affect everyone else, thus meaning: WHEN NOT having installed […]

How To Teach Kids Up From The Early Age About Cyber Security And Digital CitizenShip

What is a botnet?

. Image credit: http://www.ogilviedesign.co.uk/www.ogilviedesign.co.uk/Welcome.html . . First Steps When Kids Go Online The first steps before the kids go online are to protect the computer and Smartphone(s) at its BEST as possible to make sure that a BAD click will NOT become a catastrophe! Second step is to talk to the kids about the dangers of […]

How Can Education Help To Lower Cybercrime?

We are ALL responsible for the internet

. . . . How Can Education Help To Lower Cybercrime? A GOOD “Digital Citizen” knows about the tricks that cyber crooks are using and so when leaving the school THEY will be on ===> Awareness <=== when meeting the working force. Thus meaning, THEY will be prepared NOT to fall into the traps from […]

Learning To Become a GOOD Digital Citizen | Digital CitizenShip

NOVALABS CyberSecurity Game

. . . . Learning To Become a GOOD Digital Citizen | Digital CitizenShip | How To? . « Good habits formed at youth make all the difference. » Aristotle . WE are participating ALSO on “Safer Internet Day 2015“, called #SID2015. . Click the above image, please, to access the organization to know more […]

Design The Learning Of YOUR Learners, Students | Ideas

Skills by Learning-By-Doing

. . Design The Learning Of YOUR Learners, Students AND YOURS A GOOD preparation made is already the half way done! SO… Making a design on the How-To learning will give benefits for the educators AND the learners (students)! Education has since ages being behind about the How-To of “Learning” (waiting for “Research papers who […]

Specialized Magazines For Apps


. . Why Is It Important To Read Specialized Magazines? There are masses of Apps from any kind of Topics and from anywhere around from the world, difficult to know WHAT choice to make, as well as there is also the problem with “Privacy” and “Cyber Security“. Therefore it is important to read the reviews […]

Twitter Chat | The Economic Impact Of Cybercrime

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

.   . Twitter Chat | The Economic Impact Of Cybercrime .   On Thursday, September 4th there will be #SecChat who will explore the  The Economic Impact Of Cybercrime and is an hour-long Twitter chat. I got invited through Twitter by @McAfeeBusiness . . After long reflection I decided to create a blog about my advice as I […]

Coding, A NEW Trend In Education And A BIG Responsibility


. . Before Starting With Coding / Proactive THINKing! . . Before Starting With Coding WE MUST know first the IMPORTANCE and the big RESPONSIBILITY about ===> Coding <===! Responsibility while Coding, sounds STRANGE, isn’t it!? Well, I think the BEST way to explain YOU WHY ===> Proactive THINKing and RESPONSIBILITY is a MUST <=== […]

Maker Space | A New Trend In Education And A BIG Responsibility


. . WHAT is Maker Space? I will use the text from ===> http://makerspace.com/ <=== as it describes well WHAT it is: To describe them simply, makerspaces are community centers with tools. Makerspaces combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn’t […]

LEARNing The Basics Of HTML To Use In Blogs | Creating FAQ’s

FAQ's Start

. . Communication, The Letter “C” In “ICT” When YOU have to deal with customers, parents and learners (students), THEN the “Communication” is a MUST! Remember the letter “C” in the word “ICT” (Information and Communications Technology) and when YOU want to do this on a professional way, YOU have to use a bi-directional (two […]

PracTICE: Creativity Examples With ThingLink

ThingLink Gust MEES

.   . Creativity Creativity: Often I get asked from people if “Creativity” can get learned and even some say that it can’t get learned (BTW: that are the people who don’t have creativity). Well, my teaching experience shows me that it can get learned, slowly but surely. Even lazy people are creative to find […]

LEARNing The Basics Of HTML To Use In Blogs


.   . WHAT is HTML? Text from Wikipedia: HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language used to create web pages. HTML is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets (like <html>). HTML tags most commonly come in pairs like <h1> and </h1>, although some […]

International Collaboration-Tips

Collaboration and Coaching

. . Introduction This is the English version of my French blog post ===> Collaboration internationale-trucs et astuces <=== which was created in 2009. I will use this English version to create a collaboration together with other authors, where WE will bring in collaboratively OUR experiences. First author, who helped me to correct my bad English […]

EDUcation-Collaboration And Coaching | The Future

Collaboration and Coaching

. The above logo is a “Wordle Word Clouds” and it is a FREE service. YOU may copy the above logo and use it on YOUR own blog or website by providing a link back to my blog ===> https://gustmees.wordpress.com/ <===. . Top | TEAM | Why Coaching | Time Zones | Bottom Message for The TEAM:  Mindy, Dan ===> Preparation Please click this […]

Twitter Chat: Security risks SMBs face

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . On Monday, June 9th there will be #cyberSAFEchat who will explore the security risks SMBs face during every phase of growth and learn how to best protect against these threats. The hour-long Twitter chat will address the following key questions: Q1: What security risks do SMBs need to consider when starting a business and […]

PracTICE: Put Students In The Drivers Seat | How To!?

Generation YES-Digital Citizenship

. . PracTICE: Put Students In The Drivers Seat | How To!? Let us first have a look on WHAT is needed in the 21st Century from OUR Students, check the screenshot below, please. . . SO… When YOU analyze the above mentioned, you must agree that MOST of it could get taught in a […]

PracTICE: Learning To Learn-Example 1


. . LEARNing To LEARN, the PracTICE With ALL that mass of information which WE get on each day in OUR technology driven Digital World, with the messages from Social Media through OUR PLN (Personal [Professional] Learning Network), there is a MUST to organize OUR LEARNing! WE MUST unlearn the OLD and learn to learn […]

ONLY Internet-Safety And NO Basics Of Cyber-Security Education In Schools!?


. . ONLY Internet-Safety And NO Basics Of Cyber-Security Education In Schools!? Government and Education MUST be digital illiterates when NOT accepting that it is time for TEACHing the basics of Cyber-Security! By reading the reports of experts from the professional companies from Cyber-Security protection software, one MUST accept the facts that Cyber-Crime is evolving at a very rapid rate! Cyber-criminals […]

My Published Articles About Cyber-Security In The Press And Social Media


. . My Published Articles About Cyber-Security In The Press And Social Media Being online since 1998 I realized very quickly that “Every Medal Has Its Reverse” and ALSO what Physic laws tells us “Where is positive there is also negative and both make 100%” (differently explained). OR, in OTHER words, there is BAD and […]

Often Asked Questions: Are There Cyber-Security Dangers With Apps And What’s About Privacy?


. . WHAT Are Apps? [START Text from Wikipedia] A mobile app, short for mobile application, or just app, is application software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The term “app” is a shortening of the term “application software“. It has become very popular and in 2010 was listed as “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society.[2] In 2009, technology […]

Understanding The Internet: A different Approach

Understanding the internet-QUOTE-12-2014

. . Understanding Internet-Internet, the virtual savant child Internet is a “living product” technique! To be viewed as a “child” to be educated by millions of people simultaneously, with different traditions and languages, with different mentalities and this in real time. “The child” Internet, with instant contributions from users around the world (all of us) […]

Curation: Tips And Tricks With Scoop.it-Rescoop And Tags


. . WHAT is Curation And What Is NOT Curation? . . . Most of people know WHAT “Aggregation” is, it is the simplest way to share links, YOU just forward it! BUT that is NOT “Curation“, most people didn’t YET understood this and using “Curation Services” as platforms for ONLY sharing links! That is […]

Often Asked Questions: My PC Slows Down On Speed, WHY And WHAT To Do?


. . My PC Slows Down On Speed, WHY And WHAT To Do? First of all, let me please, say this: WE get supplied with NEW technology (commercial way…) without getting any advice on How-To use it, that is MY personal complain about it! In the 21st Century this SHOULD be anyway the case, the […]

Often Asked Questions: Are WE Becoming Too Paranoid About Cyber-Security?


. . Are WE Becoming Too Paranoid About Cyber-Security? This is a question I get asked very often, and I got remembered again by my online friend Doug PETERSON ===> @dougpete <=== about it on a Social-Media conversation (BTW: it’s called a “convo” on Twitter) on Twitter, check below please: . . SO… As I can’t answer Doug’s […]

HELP! My PC Is Infected With Adware, Toolbars, And Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)!


. . What Is Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)? And How-To Remove Them. “Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)” are a piece of software that is also downloaded when a user downloads a specific program or application. THEY are similar to malware in that it will cause problems when it is downloaded and installed. THEY can be very […]

WE Are Living In A World Of Connected Technology/Cyber-Security Knowledge Is A Must!

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . . . Cyber-Security And Privacy Knowledge As Skills In The 21st Century Are NOT Yet Enough Taught And Present, WHY!? . Did YOU realize already that WE are living in the 21st Century and that WE nearly ALL are using the so called NEW TECHNOLOGIES, the internet, the smartphone(s), laptops, computers, tablets, household goods […]

PracTICE: BETTER Ways To Say “I DON’T know” In The Classroom

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

. THE Message “I DON’T Know, SHOULDN’T Exist”! Do you allow students to answer a question with the response “I don’t know” in the classroom and do you find yourself ALSO sometimes in that situation? Consider no longer allowing that phrase and instead offering up this answer: ===> There are NO problems, ONLY solutions! Let’s […]

Privacy In The Digital World-SHOULDN’T We Talk About It!?

The Future Of Advertising (Cartoon)

. Privacy In The Digital World-A MUST To Talk About It! . . Since Edward SNOWDEN‘s revelations nearly everybody knows about the word “Privacy“, even those WHO were NOT interested about it, as it was worldwide broadcasted! This person did reveal WHAT is really happening in the so called “Virtual-World” (the internet) and how much […]

Habits You SHOULD Apply For The New Year

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . Introduction A New Year is approaching and WE SHOULD think about WHAT WE learned during this year to make the next coming year even BETTER! When revising my curation about Cyber-Security YOU MUST agree that Cyber-Criminals are getting more and more professional and that WE as users MUST learn to stay secure while surfing and […]

THE missing link in Cyber-Security-THE user!

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . WHO is THE user who’s NOT in the interest of Cyber-Security programs BUT WHO is THE most important!? . THIS is a question which I have for more than 12 years in my memory and WHICH I didn’t have the courage to speak out loudly! BUT NOW I do, let’s go. I have […]

Cyber-Security is easy / Get THE right reflexes!

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . Cyber-Security is easy / Get THE right reflexes! Strange title isn’t it!? I am talking about reflexes, WHAT has THAT to do with Cyber-Security? A lot, actually even THE most when well applied! WE learned already in previous blogs WHY WE need protection ===> Learning the basics of Cyber-Security <=== and ALSO How To […]

Cyber-Security Blogs To Follow

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . WHY Should I Follow Security Blogs? . WHY SHOULD WE follow Security and Cyber-Security blogs as well, when using Twitter, following some great Cyber-Security experts!? Well, I will give YOU a question back: WHY should YOU read newspapers? It is as simple as that, WE need the information about WHAT is going on […]

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

Chat icon

. .. . . . Did You Know: You and your kids could get easily tracked! . Check out the video below, please, to understand WHY it is important to remove the EXIF and GPS data of any device who is getting used to take photos! . . . Keep It Private Till Everything Is Checked In Depth . What YOU […]


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