PracTICE: Put Students In The Drivers Seat | How To!?



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PracTICE: Put Students In The Drivers Seat | How To!?

Let us first have a look on WHAT is needed in the 21st Century from OUR Students, check the screenshot below, please.


5 Minds For The Future


SO… When YOU analyze the above mentioned, you must agree that MOST of it could get taught in a project together with the students, a project where THEY have THEIR voice and THEIR responsibility. I suggest (idea), to let the students run themselves with a coach on their side an “Advisory Board” for Internet Safety and Cyber Security. Please check my blog post about it below:


Multidisciplinary Learning and Teaching

sharing-iconFirst of all: I hated since the beginning of my learning adventure in my youth (ages ago…) the linear learning. Thus meaning: first learning module A, then module B, module C and so on… It sounded stupid to me as a 14 year old (45 years ago…) and STILL sounds THE same today! At the time, in college, in mathematics WE learned about the “Set Theory” and I was asking about the WHY WE as students SHOULD learn this, as I didn’t (at that time) see its importance. None of the teachers could explain to me, THEY all just said: it’s on the program, on the curriculum! BTW: when YOU have a look on Wikipedia and check different languages (EN, FR, DE) you will see that THEY didn’t understood it not yet as it is badly explained… Giving credit to the German part of Wikipedia “Mengenlehre” as they at least show practical examples… The French part “Théorie des ensembles” doesn’t show even any images and is pure theory :((( BUT, the French translation of the word “Set Theory” explains about WHAT it is: “ensembles”  which means “together“, things which have something in common. It’s ONLY years later after school left, that I understood the importance of the “Set Theory” when I was looking myself to find an answer on reflecting on how to resolve problems, to find their common points, you know “If then, go to, else…”…

I even trained my brain to think that way, yes that is possible, and when I became an instructor and giving courses to teachers, adults, seniors and teens I used it even more. and that is also the way YOU should teach your students, it helps THEM to become “Critical THINKing” and “Proactive THINKing” persons.

Learn more:


Youth Leadership, A MUST To Prepare THEM For THE Future, Let THEM HELP To Build It

programmerman-animatedWHY is Youth Leadership important? Please check below and read the full article from . As a narrative researcher, Marilyn studies how human stories and experiences are linked to learning and meaning-making. Her recent study, Civic Learning at the Edge, discovered how caring relationships with adults and transformative learning experiences during adolescence fostered the development of young people who became engaged in social and environmental causes. Marilyn Price-Mitchell is a Fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. She has a Ph.D. in human development and an M.A. in human and organizational systems from Fielding. Her undergraduate degree, in sociology, comes from the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on child and adolescent development and youth civic engagement. She is the co-founder of the National ParentNet Association, a nonprofit that builds family, school, and community partnerships that support youth. She writes ALSO  as an expert on “Psychology Today“.


Youth Leadership


Click the above image, please, to access the full article.



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Put Students In The Drivers Seat


Click the above image, please, to access the complete article.


THE PracTICE: some ideas on the how to

Well, as WE hear more often the word “Digital Citizen” and as it becomes imperative for the 21st Century, what else could be better than to use it to build up from there. Please check my blog post below, who explains in detail:



Generation YES-Digital Citizenship

Click the above image to access the complete article, please.


Some ===> Critical THINKing <=== below, which I published through Twitter posts:


ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 04 23.36


Learn more:



Well as YOU have seen in my Tweets (Twitter posts) above, I mentioned different “tools”, such as “MindMaps“, “FAQ’s“, the “Set Theory“, PBL (Project Based Learning)… Use them wisely and be a “Coach” who is guiding YOUR students, learners for ===> DeepTHINKing and DeepLEARNing <===.

And as a reminder, a video who shows BEST about “Engaging Students“, below 😉




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Stay tuned for next blog post(s) 😉



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