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Andragogy | Adult Teaching: How-To Teach ICT!? | PracTICE

Collaboration and Coaching

. . Andragogy, Adult Teaching!? WHAT Is Different From Normal Student Teaching!? It is a question which I get asked very often “Andragogy, Adult Teaching!? WHAT Is Different From Normal Student Teaching!?“. Well, first remember that adults and seniors are OUT of the <===> #SchoolCocoon <===> since long or very long, THEY are NOT used […]

Privacy In The Digital World-SHOULDN’T We Talk About It!?

The Future Of Advertising (Cartoon)

. Privacy In The Digital World-A MUST To Talk About It! . . Since Edward SNOWDEN‘s revelations nearly everybody knows about the word “Privacy“, even those WHO were NOT interested about it, as it was worldwide broadcasted! This person did reveal WHAT is really happening in the so called “Virtual-World” (the internet) and how much […]

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

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. .. . . . Did You Know: You and your kids could get easily tracked! . Check out the video below, please, to understand WHY it is important to remove the EXIF and GPS data of any device who is getting used to take photos! . . . Keep It Private Till Everything Is Checked In Depth . What YOU […]

PracTICE: Using Blogs For Home Work To Get ICT Skills and Creativity

Private publishing in WordPress

. . This is the second blog about “Blogging” and in the first one ===> PracTICE: Using Blogs for Critical Thinking and Proactive Thinking <=== WE were talking about WHAT would be the BEST way to introduce the students (learners) to blogging. NOW, lets go for a practical example where the teachers (educators) tell the students (learners) to […]

Best Internet Search Practices

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

. . Searching on the Internet Actually everybody knows what it means when WE say searching something on the Internet, and most people think of Google as a search engine! BUT searching is not equal searching, different people will get different search results and that is NORMAL! Why? Let me explain, please: The quality of the […]

What YOU should know about Copyright

Teaching Copyright

. . Don’t Forget The Copyright Laws… . . . When working together with your students and when they are publishing content (even yourself…), please take care about the copyright, you are not allowed to copy&paste content from Internet and text from books from other persons without their knowledge and their permission… . . . […]

HowTo: Find license free images with Google Search

License free images Often people need license FREE images, especially for educational projects. But when searching on Google the results show ONLY ALL images! But there is a little trick to find the right stuff, which I will show you here… First of all you need to bookmark this page from Google which shows you the […]