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What is SID2013?

Get set for Safer Internet Day 2013

Chat iconSafer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.

Safer Internet Day 2013 will be the tenth edition of the event, and will take place on Tuesday 5 February 2013. The theme for the day is ===> ‘Online rights and responsibilities’ <===, when we will encourage users to ===> ‘Connect with respect’. <===

This website aims to showcase the many exciting activities and events that are planned across the globe to celebrate the day. Click on the map below to get started, using the zoom control to locate the events in your country. Alternatively, visit the ‘SID Near You’ section to explore news from the many countries and institutions taking part. Alternatively check out the ‘SID blog’ for the latest updates and inspiration from past campaigns, and see some of the great resources created as part of the campaign in the ‘SID gallery’.

If you have ideas for SID 2013, or would like to convene a SID Committee or organise a SID activity in your own country, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at or register online and we’ll be in touch. Or, if you’d like resources, such as banners, logos and QR codes to support your own campaign, visit the SID 2013 page.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and please don’t forget to come back often over the coming months as the campaign gathers pace.

Check out:



Concerning QR-CODES, be aware of the bad use of QR-Codes by the bad boys! As those black and white points into a square can’t get decoded with the eyes and any bad stuff could get hidden inside, it would be BETTER to be aware and to use a QR-Reader with security protection included! BEWARE of the MALWARE! Please find below my recommendations for BEST protection:


Why should ===> anyone <=== participate?


Cyber-security – a shared responsibility

Cyber-security – a shared responsibility


Cyber-Security is a shared responsibility, WE are ALL responsible for a more secure Internet and it is ===> OUR responsibility to build up the future for OUR kids, learners and students! <=== 

WE can do it by learning and teaching the basics of Cyber-Security and ALSO by helping international organizations such as “Safer Internet Day” to become a catalyst for such a difficult task!!!

That is why I am participating on SID2013 with my FREE courses here:

and also with my curation here:


How To for participating?

sharing-iconYou can spread the word by attending or organising an event! You can register for Safer Internet Day by completing the online form. There are three types of registrations available: for schools, for individuals, and for organisations. All registered schools will also receive a digital copy of the SID Kit for schools once it becomes available. Once you’ve registered Insafe will contact you; if you reside in one of our network countries, this contact will be from your National Awareness Centre.

No national contact point? They why not set up a SID Committee in your country! Contact the SID helpdesk at to create your own.


C’est quoi SID2013 ?

Chat icon5 février 2013 – Cet événement, qui est organisé sur initiative de la Commission européenne, engendre un large éventail d’activités qui vont avoir lieu à travers le monde. En 2013, le Safer Internet Day est placé sous le slogan: ” Online rights and responsibilities“. Marquez la date dans vos agendas et réfléchissez à votre activité ou votre événement. Tout le monde peut participer!

Cet événement, qui est organisé sur initiative de la Commission européenne, engendre un large éventail d’activités qui vont avoir lieu à travers l’Europe et le monde, allant de conférences de presse et ateliers thématiques à des concerts de rock et séminaires pour parents et éducateurs.


Quels sont les objectifs du Safer Internet Day ?

programmerman-animatedSans remettre en question les effets positifs d’Internet, les objectifs du Safer Internet Day 2013 sont les suivants :

  • sensibiliser le public au thème “Utiliser Internet en toute sécurité“.
  • apporter une aide aux enfants, jeunes, parents et pédagogues grâce à des informations concrètes et des conseils pratiques
  • obtenir une participation active des institutions, organisations, associations, entreprises, initiatives et particuliers au niveau national, régional et local dans le cadre d’une campagne internationale.
  • orienter l’attention publique et médiatique sur le thème “Utiliser Internet en toute sécuritédans le cadre d’un projet européen (Programme Safer Internet)

L’auteur Gust MEES participe aussi au “Safer Internet Day 2013#SID2013 avec ses cours gratuits et curations sur la sécurité informatique domestique :

et aussi avec sa curation :


Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo
===> BEWARE of the MALWARE! <===

===> Take YOUR #Responsibility, WE are ALL #responsible for a more secure Internet! <===


Final word

thumbs upMOTIVATION: Knowing NOW how important it is to take part of such a great Event, I encourage YOU ALL to take part of it by any possible action, even as a private person! I encourage especially private persons to display the banner from SID2013 on their blogs and/or websites 🙂

Where can I get the banners?

People who are on Twitter may use the hashtag #SID2013 to promote that Event, thanks for Helping to make the Internet a more secure place!





Gust MEESL’auteur Gust MEES est Formateur andragogique / pédagogique TIC, membre du “Comité Conseil” de “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), appelé maintenant BEESECURE, partenaire officiel (consultant) du Ministère de l’éducation au Luxembourg du projet  ”MySecureIT“, partenaire officiel du Ministère du Commerce au Luxembourg du projet ”CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).

The author Gust MEES is ICT Course Instructor, ”Member of the Advisory Board” from “Luxembourg Safer Internet” (LuSI), BEESECURE, Official Partner (Consultant) from the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, project “MySecureIT“, Official Partner from the Ministry of Commerce in Luxembourg, project “CASES” (Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure).



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