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Best Internet Search Practices

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

. . Searching on the Internet Actually everybody knows what it means when WE say searching something on the Internet, and most people think of Google as a search engine! BUT searching is not equal searching, different people will get different search results and that is NORMAL! Why? Let me explain, please: The quality of the […]

What YOU should know about Copyright

Teaching Copyright

. . Don’t Forget The Copyright Laws… . . . When working together with your students and when they are publishing content (even yourself…), please take care about the copyright, you are not allowed to copy&paste content from Internet and text from books from other persons without their knowledge and their permission… . . . […]

What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s


. . What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s . A Twitter-Chat? ONLY chatting with 140 characters? Is this possible? And can WE make something professional out with that? That are certainly the questions I first will hear when talking about a Twitter-Chat, BUT it is possible and even a very professional way for YOUR own […]

What YOU should know about Competency


. What is Competency and How To teach it? . To answer those questions I think the best way is not talking too much about it and reading first some of the BEST articles which I curated on my curation site on here. . Click the following link to access the curation ===> Competency-Curation […]