What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s

20 Feb
What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s

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What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s

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A Twitter-Chat? ONLY chatting with 140 characters? Is this possible? And can WE make something professional out with that? That are certainly the questions I first will hear when talking about a Twitter-Chat, BUT it is possible and even a very professional way for YOUR own “Professional Development“, when well prepared up from the beginning!

. . Check also my curation about Twitter-Chat’s:


How To create a Twitter-Chat?

programmerman-animatedI will not talk a lot around here to describe How To, but I will provide to you what’s for me the best resource to learn from it. I participate for more than a year already on different Twitter-Chat’s, so I have a good overview and could make my choice for the BEST ones…

[Start Text from]

You’ll get the most out of Twitter by creating relationships with people over time. For businesses, this means creating or providing valuable solutions as well as intelligence to clients, customers and prospects. While tweet chats may not be the right tactic to use for some businesses (it depends on your goals), it might be right for yours.

After all, a tweet chat is a guided, topic-focused conversation online using the social network Twitter. To start, decide which format to us. Mashable cites five formats of tweet chats, which includes:

  1. Single Topic, Question Based
  2. Multiple Topic, Question Based
  3.  Single Topic, Freeflow
  4. Q&A
  5. Free For All

[End Text from] . .

Which tools can I use for BEST managing Twitter-Chat’s

. The example below is given for #lrnchat, as it is my favorite Twitter-Chat.

[Start Text from] The easiest method is to go to and enter your Twitter ID & pw. This will take you to a page where everyone will be tweeting about learning.  All of your posts will end with the letters #lrnchat so other people not in the room can follow along.

If you’re a more advanced user, you can also use tools like TweetChatTweetGrid, or TweetDeck to filter for all posts mark #lrnchat. [End Text from]



Access it here ===> TweetChat

Once connected, you will see the below to give you an overview even before you are using it: .


#lrnchat ..

Using TweetDeck for following a Twitter-Chat, see below: .



You can download TweetDeck here:

Twitter-Chat’s are mostly scheduled for a 1 hour time and you might also want to present to your readers and followers the whole Twitter-Stream. Storify is the best option to create transcripts of your tweets because it lets you pick the tweets you want to be in the transcript.

Access Storify here:


How To Use Storify To Archive Twitter Chats, check out the video below:



Is there an existing list of Twitter-Chat’s available?

YES, there are  great Calendar lists available at Google docs, check below please. .


Twitter-Chat's Calendar . Here is the link to access the Calendar:


Twitter Chat List on Google Drive




What are the recommendations to run a successful Twitter-Chat?

I recommend to you to read my curation below:


What else should I know about Twitter?

Please check the Twitter Support here:



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27 responses to “What YOU should know about Twitter-Chat’s

  1. Gust MEES

    January 19, 2014 at 2:04 am

    Reblogged this on Collaborative-multiauthors-multiculture Education and commented:

    Social-Media Twitter is IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) THE resource to make BEST contacts in global Education and to forward as its BEST the professional messages about learning and teaching!

  2. hcslearningcommons

    January 19, 2014 at 6:08 am

    This is a great post Gust! I have loved using Storify to share my conferences with my patrons! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mr. Kirsch

    January 28, 2015 at 2:12 am

    Reblogged this on Mr. Kirsch's WordPress Blog and commented:

    Excellent post Gust!! One the of the best Twitter chats is #whatisschool on Thursday evenings!!


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