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A Holistic View Of WHAT Will Influence EDUcation In The Future

NO Framing in EDUcation

. . WHAT Will Influence EDUcation In The Future? Through ICT the Real-World and especially the Virtual-World (both are influencing each other…) are changing quicker then WE can learn about, BUT WE must adapt to it and so must EDUcation! Therefore Universities must do research about the How-To to adapt and teaching about it… Luxembourg, […]

What YOU should know about Competency


. What is Competency and How To teach it? . To answer those questions I think the best way is not talking too much about it and reading first some of the BEST articles which I curated on my curation site on Scoop.it here. . Click the following link to access the curation ===> Competency-Curation […]