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21st Century Education practice: Tutankhamun Exhibition in Cologne (DE)

A cultural holiday in Cologne (Germany) in 2011. Visiting the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Cologne (Germany) in January 2011. A small report about that exhibition and about Cologne in Germany as also a bit history around it… This was a Knol created on January 30, 2011 and migrated to WordPress Annotum on June 30, 2012. . […]

Work-Sheet Teachers Best Practices/HowTo

Possible instructions for educators on how they can work together with the learners… Knowing the tools for 21st Century Learning is primordial to give quality courses. Taking GOLD DUST as an good practice example who is an interdisciplinary and interactive 21st century textbook. It works on the basis of the “Papillon”-method- a new system of […]

21st Century HowTo Guide For Teaching-People

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

. . 21st Century How-To Guide For Teaching-People (teachers, professors, educators, instructors…)… A practical guide for teaching-people (teachers, professors, educators, instructors…) on How-To teach (coach) learners on a modern way with tools from the 21st Century and also with newest 21st Century Education knowledge. Information about 21st Century Learning and Teaching. Adapting the concept of […]

For a Better World

For A Better World Multi-Cultural Blog A multicultural effort on showing how the world could become better. This blog is an example of multi-cultural author collaboration. This world that we live in is divided into different continents and countries. We still can make it as a better world, by finding areas of common interest among […]