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Dangers of WiFi in public places


. . Are YOU aware of the dangers of WiFi on public places? YOU should! . . Protect yourself on public WiFi: ALL your data could get seen when not taken the right precautions on a public WiFi Access (HotSpot)… . First of all, check out to know more about how easy it is to get information […]

Visual Cyber-Security: See Attacks On Real Time

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . . . Introduction .In previous articles WE discussed already about the responsibility that everyone is responsible for a safer and more secure Internet, that the weakest link in the security chain is the human and I provided you also with some great FREE tools to get protected, as well that I gave you […]

Cyber-Security: The Weakest Link In The Security Chain Is The Human

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . . . Human Behavior Vulnerabilities . WE are NOT perfect, far away from that! That is something WE need to keep in mind as WE are vulnerable through it, and this in Real-World as ALSO in Virtual-World! Through this WE become, on a certain point, even on Naivety status, especially on the Internet, […]

Is My Professional Development Up-To-Date?

A Curator Is An Expert Learner-L2L

. Rise Of The Professional Educator . Rise of the professional Educator . Is your Professional Development Up-To-Date? I think that “Is MY Professional Development Up-To-Date?” is the first question which you need to ask yourselves! You can ONLY give BEST and QUALITY courses when knowing about the latest knowledge in a 21st Century Education. But […]

Why (And How) Teachers and Education Should Start Learning and Teaching Cyber-Security

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

Why (And How) Teachers Should Start Learning and Teaching Cyber-Security . What should get be taught and learned more in the 21st Century while using ICT? . … . . Being online since 1998 and giving courses about ICT more than 10 years the practice and my online excursions show me that IT-Security (basics of Cyber-Security) and Internet-Safety are not yet taught enough. Seriously I think […]

Naivety in the Digital Age? Social Engineering and OTHER human false beliefs, fails…

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

.  . . . Learning from the fails of others for a BETTER more secure Internet! Keywords for this free course: . Naivety, stupidity, Social Engineering, motivation, engagement, heroes, Security-Scouts, critical thinking, stay out of the box, adapt to new technologies, be aware of the malware, nobody is perfect, knowing the dangers and risks, responsibility, […]