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Own YOUR LEARNing: Challenging LEARNers To Do Unconsciously Homework

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.   . LEARNing To LEARN | THE How-To | Use Psychology Ever thought about how to get YOUR learners (students) involved on learning without to force THEM to do so!? WHAT about to try the “Play the curios card“!? Sounds strange to YOU? Let me explain, please: Well, it is boring for MOST learners […]

Valuable Tools For The Learners (Students) AND Teachers (Educators, Instructors) For Preparation

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. . Introduction For Courses-Different Tools Applied-Preparation Before starting a course it is very important to make a GOOD preparation. First the preparation of the educators, teachers, instructors for themselves to acquire the necessary knowledge and/or to update their existing knowledge for the given topic and THEN the preparation for THEIR learners (students) preparation; THE […]