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SO, What’s THE Change For Teachers In 21st Century Education!?


=> I need to repeat THIS below as it seems that TEACHERS and EDUCATION didn’t YET understood it on the right way! <=

sharing iconThis is a general overview only to explain in simple words:

I get asked very often and get also a lot of discussions with people and also teachers about what’s THE real CHANGE in 21st Century Education and especially for teachers, even that MOST people tell me that “THE CHANGE” is very difficult to understand! BUT it’s actually very easy to understand.

BUT it ===> needs to get accepted from the teachers!  <=== 

This is my point of view, let me explain, please:


What really changed for teachers is the way they will teach the students, THEY are NOT anymore “THE BOSS” in the classroom, ===> THEY are NOW a coach! <=== Someone who is guiding the students (learners) in THEIR way of learning and showing THEM how to learn and to deal with the BIG DATA on the Internet! It is NOT anymore a classroom of silence, it is a classroom where learners sit together in groups to solve problems in a team, solving the problems and learning together with the skills THEY acquired through previous teaching lessons.

It’s NOW ===> Us and THEM <===, WE try to work as a team for getting BEST results, it is NOWlearner-centeredWE as teaching persons are NOT anymore THE most important one, BUT WE change THE way how WE are TEACHING and WE focus on what OUR mission is: giving OUR learners (students) the BEST Education to face the REAL WORLD outside of the “School-Cocoon“, thus meaning: WE need to know what the skills are that the REAL WORLD needs!



Image source: Prepare Learners for the Global Workforce

The teacher is NOT anymore in front of the class, BUT s(he) is together with the learners in the classroom. WHERE the term CLASSROOM needs to get redefined!

=> THE CLASSROOM is not anymore inside the schools, ===> NO “School-Cocoon” anymore! <=

 ===> THE WALLS are broken and Teaching and Learning takes part everywhere, outside the “OLD definition of CLASSROOM”! <===

It is ALSO the WE as WE are looking for a win-win situation between OUR learners and us as teachers, WE try to get out the BEST “Team-Work” as it is that skills are needed in the REAL WORLD from the employers! Students (Learners) should know about “Team-Work” as they will face it once out of school and being employed!

The biggest mistake teachers actually make is thinking that by using the newest educational ICT tools and technical devices will make them a 21st Century teacher, NO ===> NOT AT ALL!

[Start Text from: Don’t Confuse Technology With TeachingEducators are coachespersonal trainers in intellectual fitness. The value we add to the media extravaganza is like the value the trainer adds to the gym or the coach adds to the equipment. We provide individualized instruction in how to evaluate and make use of information and ideas, teaching people how to think for themselves. [End Text from: Don’t Confuse Technology With Teaching]

THIS ALL needs a serious up-to-date of Professional Development! Check below for more information about PD, please:


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Imagine That You Own Your Own Company And The Learners Are YOUR Employees


SO… I said that YOU need to prepare YOUR students (learners) for the Real-World, it’s easy saying isn’t it? BUT How-To? Like the title of this section of the blog says it already:

 ===>Imagine That You Own Your Own Company And The Learners Are YOUR Employees<===


community-jpegGot it, did YOUR brain got a kick!? I hope so, as WHEN THINKING that way YOU will THINK completely different as YOU want to do everything to survive for earning YOUR existence and the choice of YOUR employees will be made ONLY from the BEST! SO… Teach THEM ALSO to be the BEST to make sure that THEY will get a job, a job where THEY are able to face the needs of the working market!


Employees in the 21st Century need ===> to be multitasking <=== in a working market who is worldwide in a big crisis, companies don’t have that much money to employ people for any special task! Prepare YOUR Learners, Students to that situation!


thumbsupnathaneady01THINK Proactive, ask YOURSELF the questions:

  • Do MY Learners, Students know enough about the use of Microsoft Office programs (the most used in companies)?
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills to write quickly a letter?
    • Make a practical test and stop the time to find out!
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills to create quickly an Excel data-Sheet?
    • Make a practical test and stop the time to find out!
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills to create quickly an Organization-Chart?
    • Make a practical test and stop the time to find out!
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills to stay well organized in an office?
    • Make a practical test and stop the time to find out!
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills with Social Media? Most of companies use it already for their marketing strategies!
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills about Cyber-Security?  This is a MUST in 21st Century as when NOT knowing that THEY could make mistakes who would be lethal for any company!
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills for an interview with their future employer? Did YOU train THEM for it?
  • Do MY Learners, Students have enough skills to write a “CV”, a “Resume”? This is very important as it is the first contact the employer gets, when NOT well written there will be NO interview!
    • I have worked for the “employment agency” in my country and I have seen the lack of knowledge about it from job seekers, it’s to improve


I hope that the above reflections and advice made YOUR grey cells a bit more active to THINK about how YOU can integrate YOUR own teaching lessons with the PracTICE, I am sure that YOU will find a way and also some pleasure to play the “BOSS” of a company and to test YOUR Students, Learners as it would be in PracTICE outside the “School-Cocoon” 😉


===> Don’t forget: Students, Learners are the future of OUR society, WE as teaching persons have the RESPONSIBILITY for that SOCIETY! <===


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Stay tuned for next blog posts and FREE courses 😉




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