Problems Of Technology Integration In The PracTICE


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Problems Of Technology Integration In The PracTICE

programmerman2In this short blog, WE will talk about the integration of the new technologies, called “ICT“, which are NOT anymore that NEW, BUT in certain Communes and in different Government entities lots of people don’t NOT yet understood the importance of IT! They STILL work with the same OLD “Mentality”, which I call “Middle Age Mentality” as it is, sorry ===> WAKE UP! <=== and get used to the 21st Century Mentality!

The progress can’t get stopped, ONLY delayed, BUT that’s NOT the solution and people who are trying to STOP and/or delay the progress should remember THEIR “Responsibility” against the society, remembering that THEY were elected  by THE society to give the people THE BEST of what is happening in the world, ALSO in the world of NEW TECHNOLOGIES!


SO… It is VERY important that the people who have a responsibility job to have the necessary knowledge of those 21st Century Tools and especially the skills on how to handle them! Apart from those skills there is ALSO a need to know how these new tools should get used together with humans, humans who are working on a daily base with them


Technology used in a BAD way has negative aspects for the health of the working staff, read the following blog to find out more:


When reading the above blog “Worst Technology Integration in the PracTICE“, you will understand a lot more and what the resulting health problems from such a situation will be for the working staff:


Find out more about “Burnout“:


Stay tuned for next blogs and FREE courses 😉




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