What YOU should know about Proactive Thinking



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What is Proactive Thinking and How To Teach it

First of all, let me tell you that you need to have Critical Thinking first to be able of Proactive Thinking on its BEST! Proactive Thinking is the way to foresee things for the future! It’s not being a wizard, but to be a person who through its acquired knowledge, Critical Thinking skills and life experience is able to think the way that a minimum of failure will occur for the future! When WE talk about Proactive Thinking, than WE need ALSO to talk about Sustainability as this is very important for the health of our planet!


So, as an introduction I think that it is enough text and I encourage you to read my curation about it. ONLY the BEST selected articles, read them at your own pace and get the BEST out of it, check below, please:


Curation about "Proactive-Thinking"


Learn more about “Proactive Thinking” , “Critical Thinking” and “Sustainability” through my curation here:


A very important advice: To understand really WHY it is a MUST for teaching and learning the basics of Cyber-Security, Proactive-Thinking is a MUST 😉



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