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Dangers of WiFi in public places


. . Are YOU aware of the dangers of WiFi on public places? YOU should! . . Protect yourself on public WiFi: ALL your data could get seen when not taken the right precautions on a public WiFi Access (HotSpot)… . First of all, check out to know more about how easy it is to get information […]

SO, What’s THE CHANGE For Teachers In 21st Century Education!?

Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo

. . SO, What’s THE Change For Teachers In 21st Century Education!? . This is a general overview only to explain in simple words: I get asked very often and get also a lot of discussions with people and also teachers about what’s THE real CHANGE in 21st Century Education and especially for teachers, even […]

Visual Cyber-Security: See Attacks On Real Time

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . . . Introduction .In previous articles WE discussed already about the responsibility that everyone is responsible for a safer and more secure Internet, that the weakest link in the security chain is the human and I provided you also with some great FREE tools to get protected, as well that I gave you […]

Cyber-Security: The Weakest Link In The Security Chain Is The Human

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

. . . . Human Behavior Vulnerabilities . WE are NOT perfect, far away from that! That is something WE need to keep in mind as WE are vulnerable through it, and this in Real-World as ALSO in Virtual-World! Through this WE become, on a certain point, even on Naivety status, especially on the Internet, […]

What YOU should know about Proactive Thinking

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. . What is Proactive Thinking and How To Teach it First of all, let me tell you that you need to have Critical Thinking first to be able of Proactive Thinking on its BEST! Proactive Thinking is the way to foresee things for the future! It’s not being a wizard, but to be a […]