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Cyber-Security Practice: Learn it in one week


. . Read, think, learn and share over Social Media… Security is everyone’s responsibility! We are ALL responsible for the Internet’s future! . . . ===> “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” Marie Curie <=== KEYWORDS FOR THIS FREE COURSE and what you will learn: “Knowledge is a […]

Naivety in the Digital Age? Social Engineering and OTHER human false beliefs, fails…

Learning basics of IT-Security and Cyber-Security

.  . . . Learning from the fails of others for a BETTER more secure Internet! Keywords for this free course: . Naivety, stupidity, Social Engineering, motivation, engagement, heroes, Security-Scouts, critical thinking, stay out of the box, adapt to new technologies, be aware of the malware, nobody is perfect, knowing the dangers and risks, responsibility, […]